5 Ways Illinois Valley Residents Can Save Money On Heating

The one guarantee area residents can count on this winter is electric bills increasing. The colder it gets, the more electricity or gas your furnace uses. Depending on how insulated your home is, your utility bills can double or more.

You can save money by following a few simple tips and tricks that we’ve learned through the years. We know utility bills can be costly over winter, but you can keep a few extra dollars in your wallet with these tips.

Bundle Up to Keep Warm

Turn the thermostat down a few degrees and grab some warm socks, a few layers of clothing and a throw blanket. It’s soft and cuddly and perfect for late-night television watching. You’re saving money by lowering the temperature, but you’re making up for it with all the bundling up.

You can warm up by moving around and doing things around the house. Do your workout at home or do a deep clean of the living room and you’ll feel nice and toasty.

Get Your Furnace Checked

When your furnace isn’t working at its best, it means higher electricity bills. It’s working overtime and using more energy than it needs because there’s something wrong. It could be the filter needs changed, the unit needs to be cleaned or the beginning of a larger problem.

Town & Country can come and clean your furnace and give it a good once over before something bad happens during the winter. You do not only save money on your electric or gas bill, but you’ll ensure the unit works throughout the winter season.

Leave the Oven Door Open after Baking

Winter is a wonderful baking season with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Everyone bakes pies, turkeys and cookies making the whole house smell wonderful. When you’re done cooking and turn off the oven, it’s still got a lot of heat inside it. Leave the door open and let it heat up the kitchen area.

Plug up Drafts

You’ll be surprised how much heat is lost because of small cracks under the door and windows. These drafty areas keep your furnace running longer and more often. Drafts can be a major issue for electrical bills during winter, but you can plug them up.

Cover windows in plastic wrap as insulation and put weather stripping on doors and windows. If you can’t do that, then place towels or other items under doors to help keep the heat inside.

Use Space Heaters Sparingly

It’s nice to have a space heater to boost up temperatures on really cold nights, but they’re energy hogs. The more you have on at once, the more electricity their using. Just use them in the room you’re in to keep the chill out of the air. Ideally, you’ll not need them if you take advantage of these other tips and tricks.

Town & Country Services is here for you before, during and after winter. If you’re worried about your furnace or something happens and you need a technician fast, then give us a call and get it back up and running quickly with our 24/7 services.