A Bright Idea: Outdoor Home Lighting

Life has a way of making its own schedule. You may have planned on being home before dark, but then there was a work emergency or you went out with friends. You arrive home and the outside is completely dark.

You know the odds of a person hiding in the dark are small, but you still approach the door with a little trepidation and more than a little fear. You hear a commotion beside you and jump as the neighborhood cat skitters away. With darkness coming earlier, you need proper lighting outside your home.

Protect Your Home with Flood Lights

If you leave in the country or have a large backyard, you might want to invest in either timed or motion-activated floodlights. A porch light can illuminate the porch area, but not much beyond. If you have a walk from your car to the porch, a floodlight can illuminate the way.

Motion-activated lights alert you to movement outside your home. It could be a raccoon or possum or it could be an intruder looking for a way inside your home. If it is an intruder, then the lights will likely frighten them away.

Watch Where You’re Going

Most times the biggest danger of darkness isn’t what’s lurking in it ready to strike, but your child’s bike that they forgot to put away or a front porch step you didn’t see.

Injury caused by poor visibility is common. Perhaps someone left something outside or you’re just no expecting to be so close to the home. A fall could cause minor cuts and bruises, but if you strike your head or fall on concrete the injuries can be more severe.

Electrical lights can protect you from more than just critters and intruders. You don’t want to be injured and unable to get your cell phone or see your keys to open your front door.

Don’t Forget About Out Buildings

If you have a large property with barns our outbuildings, then lights along the route give you peace of mind and help you see where you’re going. What’s nice about electrical lighting is there are no batteries to replace.

You can connect them to timers, motion detectors or a main switch that you can flip from the house or from the barn. The ground can be uneven and a hole you don’t see can cause an ankle sprain. You can keep critters and other animals at bay because they generally hate light. Walking in the pitch-black darkness, even when you know it’s safe, is also really creepy. Why deal with it if you don’t have to?

Town & Country Are Your Electrical Experts

If you’re looking to improve visibility at your home, then contact Town & Country Services. We have certified electricians that have years of experience. Each of our technicians is an expert in their field and meets high standards of professionalism and efficiency.

Let us improve your visibility and keep you safe when you come home. Don’t let darkness be your enemy and contact us today for more information.