A New Central Air Unit Saves You Money In The Long Run

It’s hot and summer has just started. It’s Illinois, so we could have 90-degree weather into August and even September, and your air conditioner is going into overdrive. You may notice your electric bills get higher and higher every month or this may be the third summer in a row you needed something fixed on your central air unit. A brand new one might be the best decision and save you money in the long run. If your air conditioner is getting a little long in the tooth, don’t hesitate to replace it.

Nickel and Dime You

Have you ever had a car that had a lot of miles on it and suddenly something needed replaced every few months? It might have started with the battery then the alternator and water pump, etc. It’s nickel and diming you to death, so you get a new car.

An old AC unit is the same way. It all starts with one thing going wrong and soon it’s another and another. You end up spending a hundred or two every summer for years. Don’t let your AC unit nickel and dime you. A new unit has a warranty and will last for years and years without any problems. Newer units have more features and better components.

New Machines are Energy Efficient

Do you hear that noise coming from your central air unit? It’s getting on in years and needs to be put out to pasture. If you see your electric bill creeping up every summer, then you’re probably noticing your unit isn’t all that energy efficient. Older machines are naturally less efficient than modern machines, but it gets worse with wear and tear.

With a new air conditioning unit, you’ll see lower electric bills because it’s so much more energy efficient then your old one. There might even be rebates or other discounts to save you even more money.

Better Cooling Experience

Old units just can’t keep up the cooling like they used to do. The air flow isn’t quite as strong. It takes longer to reach the desired temperature. It’s noisy and may even smell a little moldy every now and then. The entire cooling experience isn’t very pleasant. You’ll be surprised the difference a new central air conditioning unit will make. You’ll get cooler faster and without the noise.

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