Air Conditioner Installation LaSalle IL

If you purchased an air conditioner from a dealer that doesn’t provide installation, then you can request he send his own technicians and end up paying an arm and leg or do it yourself. Obviously, you need to know the basics of masonry and plumbing. Apart from that, you should confirm whether the wall of your room is strong enough to carry the weight of the unit. Make sure that you have a power drill with you, since you will need it to drill holes in the wall to affix the mounting plate. By the way, you also have to bore a hole in the wall, sloping towards the exterior side of the wall.

Tough to understand

Do the above tasks seem too tough? Well, that’s just the beginning. You need to mount the AC carefully. Although these units ship with a warranty, it does not cover damages due to improper installation or usage. Instead of taking any risk, go for the third option… contact us. We at Town & Country Services have years of experience in air conditioner installation LaSalle IL. We shall send our engineers to your place to inspect the strength of your wall, find a suitable location, and install the AC. They will take care to install the AC at least six feet away from your TV since electromagnetic noise emitted from the latter can cause problems in the electronic circuits of the former.

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Get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote and find out why people prefer us instead of any other air conditioner installation LaSalle IL companies. We offer annual maintenance services too, which can save you a lot of money in maintaining and repairing your AC after the expiration of its warranty.

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