Air Conditioner Installation Ottawa IL

Air Conditioner Installation Ottawa IL — Our Cash Saving Tips

Most Air Conditioner Installation Ottawa IL companies rarely offer tips that help their clients save money. Most such companies are more interested in getting the job completed as quickly as possible so that they can move over to another client. We at Town Country Services often find individuals using a higher tonnage air conditioner in their apartments. On asking, they say that they have no idea about British Thermal Units and that the tonnage determines the cooling capacity of an AC. They also do not know that an AC installed as close as possible to the ceiling will chill the air inside the apartment faster than one installed closer to the floor.

One AC for two rooms

You might not believe it, but you can even cool two adjacent rooms with a single AC by boring a hole in the wall between the two rooms and installing an exhaust fan on it. This allows the fan to suck chilled air from the room in which the AC is installed and pass it to the adjacent room. However, most companies will not reveal this fact because they earn commissions and labor costs for each AC they install. Apart from this, technicians know that placing the compressor unit of a split AC in a properly ventilated area increases its functionality. Get in touch with us if you plan to set up an AC in your apartment.

Room inspection

We shall send our technician to inspect the dimensions of your room to determine the tonnage of the AC required to chill the air inside your room efficiently. They will also point out if your kid’s bedroom, located adjacent to your bedroom, requires a separate AC. Contact us today for a no obligation quote and find out why people regard us as the best and the friendliest Air Conditioner Installation Ottawa IL company.

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