Air Conditioner Installation Peru IL

Air Conditioner Installation Peru IL — Never Attempt DIY

We feel surprised when we hear of people losing the warranty of their new air conditioner because they damaged it while trying to install it on their own. These gadgets are extremely heavy and can cause serious injury if a nonprofessional tries to lift and install it. You should also ensure that you plug the power cord of your AC to a 15 amp power supply outlet. Apart from this, one also needs to ensure that the brackets supporting the AC are strong enough to bear the load of the gadget. Do you know that the base of the AC should be parallel with the floor? A tilted base might damage the fan as well as the compressor. Do not fool yourself by thinking that the manufacturer will fix your damaged AC because warranty covers it.

The fine print

Read the terms and conditions. You will find that the warranty applies if the damage takes place under normal working conditions. Instead of following online do it yourself guides, contact us. Town Country Services has a solid reputation of one of the leading companies that specializes in air conditioner installation Peru IL. We shall send our professional to your place to inspect your room and determine an appropriate spot to install your AC.

Helpful tips

They will consider several factors such as ventilation before installing the condenser unit of your split AC. They will also set up the air supply unit as high up on the wall as possible to ensure that your room chills to the set temperature quickly. Our prices are reasonable and include all fixtures required for air conditioner installation Peru IL. Our friendly technician will also provide you with tips on how to get the best out of your AC and how to clean its filter so that the former provides you with optimum performance over an extended period. Our technicians have years of experience in installing ACs and carry all required equipment.

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