Air Conditioner Installation Spring Valley IL

Air Conditioner Installation Spring Valley IL — Noisy AC

We at Town Country Services, an established and renowned air conditioner installation Spring Valley IL company, frequently receive calls from homeowners, complaining about strange noises emanating from their air conditioners. On rare instances, we also receive complaints from people about damages caused to the indoor unit of their split AC after it has crashed to the floor. The latter problem is a result of improper fixing of the holder plate on the wall. An improperly aligned outdoor unit causes its exhaust fan to strike the protective grille of the outdoor unit. As a result, the blades of the fan break. We feel sad but we have to tell these persons that they have no alternatives left apart from replacing the damaged unit with a new one. Sometimes they complain that their brand new AC does not respond to the commands sent from its remote control.

Why you need professionals

Installing an AC requires thorough knowledge and experience. One needs to know whether the wall is strong enough to bear the load of the internal unit. Apart from this, they should properly fix the screws, attaching the holder plate to the wall, so that it does not drop off along with the blower unit. There is no use complaining to the dealer since the warranty gets void if damages to the AC unit occur due to improper installation and usage. You can avoid these problems by hiring the services of air conditioner installation Spring Valley IL for the job.

Take no risks

Contact us today, instead of taking a risk by attempting to install the AC by yourself. We shall send our qualified technicians to install your AC. In case our technicians damage your AC during the installation process, we shall replace it free of cost because we hold a third party insurance policy. Protect your AC by calling the professionals of for the task.

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