Air Conditioner Repair Ottawa IL

Air Conditioner Repair Ottawa IL — Lower Your Power Bills

Are you worried about escalating power bills despite the fact that you have not installed any new electrical gadgets in your home? Chances are that your air conditioner is not functioning properly… leading to excessive consumption of energy. While we suggest that you get in touch with us, the leading company that specializes in air conditioner repair Ottawa IL, we also recommend that you understand the factors leading to excessive power consumption.

Inhaling and exhaling

Your AC cools the air by sucking in hot air from your room, passing them over fins attached to a serpentine copper coil cooled by refrigerant… cooling the air in the process, and discharging the cooled air back in the room. The compressor cools the refrigerant in the coils. Your AC also contains a thermostat, which cuts off power to the compressor once the temperature of the air drops to the desired temperature. Your AC consumes less power while running in fan mode. However, a faulty thermostat will not cut off power, causing the compressor to continuously run in cooling mode, and consume more power than required. The filter plays a crucial role in filtering out dirt and pollen from the air while it is being sucked inside the AC.

Dirty filter = costly bills

A choked filter too puts stress on the compressor since it has to stress more to suck air from your room. This too inflates your energy bills. Get in touch with us today and request for a no obligation quote. We at Home Country Services will send our technician to your home to inspect your AC, diagnose the fault, and provide you with an estimate. We are confident that you will find our quotes reasonable and entrust us the task of repairing your AC. We suggest that you check the testimonials on and find out what makes us the most reliable air conditioner repair Ottawa IL.

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