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Are you unable to stay in your room because of the foul smell emanating from the air conditioner installed therein? Chances are bright that a dead rodent, trapped inside your AC, is causing this foul smell. Are you tired of repeatedly calling a local repair company, yet not getting any response from them? You should know that most AC repair companies do not offer services during the weekend. Does this imply that you will have to bear the stench during the weekend? Why do you not get in touch with us? We at Town Country Services, apart from specializing in air conditioner repair Streator IL, also offer our services round the clock.

Our specialty

We have a team of factory trained technicians who have the skills and experience required to detect and fix problems of all brands of ACs. We provide them with training on a regular basis to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the latest brands. This means that you can seek our help even if you have purchased a brand new AC but cannot wait until Monday for the engineers of the original equipment manufacturer to arrive and resolve the problem. Removing a dead rodent from the AC’s fins does not require tampering with the warranty seal. This ensures that the warranty provided by the manufacturer remains intact.

What about old ACs

The specialists of our air conditioner repair Streator IL based company will inspect your old AC, find the fault, and fix it using original spares. If they feel that the condition of your AC has deteriorated beyond a certain level, they will suggest you to get it replaced with a new one. We strongly suggest that you opt for our annual maintenance contract. This saves you a lot of money in repairs, especially if you have an old AC that breaks down frequently.

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