Do You Have Rusty Water?

Rusty water requires water pipe replacementThe water that comes out of your tap is much more than simply hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It often contains numerous minerals that give it a distinctive taste including magnesium, copper and iron. In most homes, concentrations of these minerals are minor, but if you notice red water or a distinctly metallic taste, then you’ve probably have rusty water.

Where the Rust Comes From

There are two distinct sets of pipes that bring water into your home. There are the internal pipes from the home that take in the water from the city and distribute them throughout the house. The second set comes from the municipality itself and is part of the system that brings water to every resident. Generally speaking, if the problem exists from the internal home pipes, then it’s your responsibility. If it comes from the city pipes, then they have to fix it.

The good thing about rusty water is that it may look and taste weird, but it won’t impact your health unless you have a rare disorder call hemochromatosis. The bad news is that it will stain linen, clothing, sinks and faucets.

How To Tell Where The Rusty Water Is Coming From

Rusty water happens when pipes get old and begin to rust. The rust particles enter the water stream causing the discoloration and metallic taste. It’s important to have an idea where the rust is coming from because that determines who pays for the repair. The only solution is to replace the section of pipe that has rusted.

The best way to check is to go to the faucet where you first discovered the problem. Grab a glass and fill it with cold water. It should look rusty. Now let the water flow for a few minutes, empty the glass and refill. Does the water stay red or has it cleared up? Do the same thing with the hot water.

If the water stays rusty throughout both hot and cold water, then it’s likely coming in from the city’s water system. If it turns clear for the cold or hot water, then it’s likely coming from your home water pipes. If it stays rusty with the hot water only, then it could be either pipes or the hot water heater.

You Know Where It’s Coming From, Now What?

If the water it caused from inside the home, then contact Town & Country Services. We’ll send out a licensed plumber to find the exact pipes that are rusting and replace them. If it’s the water heater, then we can work with you to find a new one that fits your needs and budget.

If the rust is coming from pipes outside the home, then contact your local municipality’s water department or the city clerk’s office.

If you need plumbing work or are curious about your water quality, then contact us today.