Don’t Forget A Residential AC Checkup In Spring Cleaning Plans

You may have turned off the furnace to open the windows and let the fresh spring air in, but it won’t be long before the heat becomes sweltering. As you gear up for the annual spring cleaning, don’t forget about scheduling a residential AC checkup on your home cooling system.

The Perfect Time

Illinois is like a roller coaster when it comes to seasons; one day it could be 30 degrees in La Salle and 104 in Ottawa the next. You never really know when you’re going to need the central air unit up and running.

The beginning of spring offers a few months of temperate climate, and it’s the perfect time for residential AC maintenance. As winter nears, the schedules of HVAC specialists get full, and it’s harder to get a time that is convenient to you.  If there are any repairs that need to be done, then you don’t have to worry about high temperatures while we make the fixes.

Why is Residential AC Maintenance Necessary?

The main reasons you need an air conditioning maintenance check is it can save you money and hassle. The worst time for an air conditioning unit to go out is on the hottest day of the year and that’s always when it happens. HVAC technicians are swamped with calls and prices are at a premium, especially for emergency service.

The best way to handle an emergency is to stop it before it happens. Instead of a major repair in the middle of summer, the checkup can find problems before they happen. Catching a minor problem and fixing it is much less money than waiting until it’s a major problem. Maintenance also extends the life of your unit and keeps the cost of replacement further out on the timeline.

What Happens During A Home Cooling Checkup?

When a Town and Country Services certified technician visits your home, he does a complete inspection of your cooling system. Our goal is to identify any problems and solve them so you won’t have to call us during the high temperatures of summer for a residential AC repair in Ottawa or Princeton and instead can enjoy your comfortably temperate home.

Some of the common maintenance checks include:

  • Refrigerant levels – We make sure there isn’t a leak and replace fluids when needed. A leak can lead to a compressor burn out.
  • Check and replace filters if needed – Your filters keep dirt from entering the machine and allow air to pass through it. Old or dirty filters can reduce the energy efficiency of your unit and make it work harder than necessary. This adds unnecessary wear and tear to the unit.
  • Thermostat Calibration – This makes sure the unit is reaching the proper temperature and not doing more than needed.
  • Complete once over – We check all electrical components and controls to verify they are in proper working order and clean evaporator and condenser coils.

If you’d like to schedule an AC Maintenance checkup, then call us at 815-220-5107 or 815-872-2200.