Furnace Repair Service Streator IL

How to Know When Your Furnace Needs Repair

In order to enjoy a healthy home environment you need to have an efficient working heating system. Your system should heat your home without using up huge amount of energy. It should also NEVER endanger your indoor air quality which it can do when the oxygen supply it needs for combustion is overtaxed.

It’s crucial for any homeowner to know and understand the warning signs of a failing furnace. You never want to wait until a freezing January day to realize your furnace may need some attention. Furnace knowledge will help in the detection and Furnace Repair Service Streator IL is your solution.

Furnace Age

Knowing your furnace’s average life expectancy helps to gauge if problems are around the corner. Most furnaces today have a life expectancy of 16 to 20 years. If yours is close to that or maybe older, it could be time for start shopping around for a newer model, or simply have the old one repaired.

Are Your Gas and Electric Bills Rising?

When the gas and electric costs start rising on you there may be a good reason. Furnaces can lose efficiency with age, especially when they haven’t been properly maintained. Yours may be running longer in order to put out the same level of heat.

Is the Burner Flame Yellow or Blue?

When your burner flame flickers yellow that means there could be a poisonous carbon monoxide being created by the furnace. A few other signs this could be happening are –

  1. Soot Streaks Around Your Furnace
  2. No Upward Draft in the Chimney
  3. Excess Moisture on Walls, Windows, and Other Cold Surfaces
  4. Excessive Rusting of The Flue Pipes, Appliance Jacks, or Other Pipe Connections
  5. Tiny Amounts of Water Leaked Onto the Base of Your Chimney, Flue Pipe, Or Vent

and rust on the outside of your vent pipe. All of these are tip-offs that you may need to call a Furnace Repair Service Streator IL and let them give your furnace a look-over.

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