Get Rebates And Tax Credits For High-Efficiency Furnaces And Air Conditioners

Tax credits and rebates for furnace and AC replacementInvesting in a new furnace or central air unit is a big decision. Many people throughout La Salle, Peru and Ottawa suffer through years of poor furnace and AC performance because they don’t think they can afford a new system, but that isn’t the case. When replacing old inefficient furnaces and air conditioners take advantage of utility company rebates, factory rebates and current federal tax credits to help cut the cost. You’ll end saving money upfront and in the long run thanks to the energy efficiencies of the new units.

Utility Company Rebates

Utility companies do more than just charge your for electricity usage. They also provide rebates for making your home more energy efficient. Local utility company rebates vary from company to company but can be as much $900 when replacing an older inefficient furnace and air conditioner with new high efficiency models achieving a 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioner efficiency combined with a furnace equipped with a high-efficiency motor and a “smart” thermostat.

Federal Tax Credits

The government wants you to be more energy efficient and use less electricity as well, so they have their own benefits for switching to a new furnace or air conditioner. The federal tax credit of $500 applies when hitting that same 16 SEER air conditioner efficiency combines with a 95% or greater efficient gas furnace.

Manufacturer Rebates

Even the manufacturers are helping out with the cost of new units. There are many manufacturer’s rebates that apply and usually increase with the efficiency of the furnaces and air conditioners and can be as much at $1200 in cash rebates or the option of low or reduced financing charges.

Using these incentives you can often install higher efficiency heating and cooling systems for as little or less than standard models.  Then add the icing on the cake which is even more energy savings with substantially reduced utility bills, saving month after month.

Consult your local heating and cooling contractors, Town & Country Services, who are armed with all the latest information to help you make an educated buying decision when replacing your heating and cooling system.