Hire a Professional In-Floor Radiant Heating Service

Radiant heating is energy efficient. Homeowners who choose this option for heating will enjoy the comfort and convenience of this heating option. Such a system can make a home more comfortable and save money, if installed by an experienced In-Floor Radiant Heating Service.

A radiant heating system is usually chosen before a home is built or when homeowners take on major renovations. It’s best to consult with a knowledgeable heating expert, because some existing homes may not be suitable candidates for in-floor heating systems.

There are essentially two types of radiant heating systems. One operates on electricity. The other uses water in tubes under the floor, heated by a boiler. Each system has its pros and cons. This is the case with electric and hydronic in-floor heating systems.

Electric systems cost less to install. But, for larger homes or areas, they cost more to operate. They are more suitable for small homes, cottages, and cabins, if keeping utility bills low is the end goal. However, even an electric under-floor system can be more cost effective to operate than a forced air ducted system. An electric under-floor system may be suitable in situations where space for a boiler is limited or doesn’t exist.

The hydronic system costs more for initial installation. However, for larger spaces, it can be more cost effective to operate on a regular basis. It does require space for a boiler. Homeowners should consider this, if they want to change over to an in-floor system when remodeling or want to install this type of system in a new build.

When considering radiant heating, a homeowner should find a reputable In-Floor Radiant Heating Service with plenty of experience installing such systems. Regardless of which system is best for your situation, radiant heating heats all surrounding surfaces, to keep indoor spaces more comfortable and at an even temperature.

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