Is DIY Furnace Repair Advisable?

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Currently, there are numerous guides on the internet on how to administer furnace repair service Lasalle, IL area on your own. However, you need to understand that HVAC systems do not have any consumer-serviceable aspects. As such, you should refrain from do it yourself repair tasks on your heating and cooling system, unless you are a skilled HVAC installation, repair and maintenance technician. Many homeowners in LaSalle are lured into repairing their heating and cooling systems on their own by the desire to save money on repairs and maintenance.

For the years we have been in this business, we have had clients hire us to fix mistakes they made when they tried to repair or maintain their HVAC systems on their own. As such, the experts at Town Country Services can attest to the fact that DIY HVAC repair and maintenance can be very costly and unconvincing for you and your family. Rather than going through this trouble, you should hire the best installation, repair and maintenance professionals and avoid the following mistakes.

Positioning the Thermostat near Other Appliances

If you do not have the required skills for the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems, you may not know where to position the HVAC thermostat. If placed next to such appliances as TVS, lamps, or any other appliances that emit heat, the functioning of the thermostat will be affected. Basically, a thermostat is supposed to detect the temperature in your home and regulate the functioning of your HVAC system in order to maintain the desired temperature range in your home. If positioned near heat-emitting appliances, the thermostat will not be recording the correct room temperature, which will affect the performance of the entire heating and cooling system.  With skilled hands on your system, this mistake will not be made.

Concealing the HVAC system

This is mostly the case for outdoor HVAC units. Bearing in mind that these units are not aesthetically appealing, you may be tempted to hide it behind shrubbery. While this serves your aesthetic needs, it harms the performance, durability and possibly, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Basically, these units are supposed to be well ventilated. You may think that you are protecting the unit from damage by weather elements by covering it up, but you are actually ‘choking’ it. Our skilled and experienced furnace repair service professionals in LaSalle, IL will tell you that outdoor HVAC units require a clearance of at least 5 foot around them for them to function properly.

furnace repair service Lasalle IL

Inappropriate Filter Changes

The air filters in heating and cooling systems need to be changed once in every one to three months. A filter change may appear to be an easy task, but should be left to the trained specialists.  If you do not have the required skills, you may end up using the wrong replacement filter or even secure the filter incorrectly. This will affect the performance and efficiency of your system.  If you sign our maintenance agreement, you will not need to worry about such costly mistakes; we will clean your system, repair and replace the damaged and worn out parts in time to prevent major breakdowns.

Avoid such silly mistakes, which could cost you a lot of money in repairs and replacements, by hiring a qualified and certified furnace repair service Lasalle, IL contractor; Call us today on 815-872-2200 or 815-220-5107.