What to Look For In Air Conditioner Repair?

To achieve better efficiency and avoid the rise in use of energy, air conditioners need to be properly maintained and repaired. For Air Conditioner Repair Spring Valley IL residents will always find a home in Town & Country Services. However, having some knowledge on basic repair and maintenance procedures will go a long way in helping you get a grip of what it is all about.

Replacing the Filters

One of the causes of low efficiency of ACs is clogged filters as result of blocked flow of air. Therefore, they should be checked frequently and if necessary, replaced. Keep in mind that dirty or clogged filters reduce the capacity of the coils in heat-absorption and their replacement results in lowered consumption of energy.

Cleaning the Coils

While filters need to be frequently checked and replaced, you only need to clean the condenser coil and evaporator coil annually. This is because filters carry the burden of preventing dust from getting to the evaporator coil. However, they will not efficiently absorb heat if they are left unchecked for a longer period than one year. Condenser coils in an outdoor environment collect dirt quickly and should therefore be checked more often.

Checking The Window Seals

A room air conditioner should always be in contact with the window frame. Check to ensure that the seal connecting the two is in good condition. The seal is usually damaged by moisture, resulting in lost air.

Remember to check the condenser as well as the evaporator coils to ensure they are not bent. If they are, put them back in the right position. Bent coils do not allow air to flow properly through them.

While you can perform some repair and maintenance services on your own, you need trained and experienced technicians to conduct more complicated repair work. In addition, you may not have the ability to detect unnoticeable defects or point out the exact problems. For expert repair service, call Town & Country to schedule your appointment today!