Plumbing Repair Service in Spring Valley IL

A few centuries ago, the only thing that separated mankind from wild animals was the fact that they walked upright. Later on, the advent of agriculture and development of plumbing systems are what truly separate man from animals. When the plumbing system at home breaks down, therefore, we get sent back to the middle ages. Until the faulty plumbing can be fixed, your life will be inconvenienced. To remedy the problem, you will need to find a reliable plumbing repair service Spring Valley IL. In that regard, Town Country Services offers the highest quality plumbing services to both residential and commercial clients.

Common Types of Plumbing Problems

Clogged Drains

There are many types of drains in a modern home. The first is the kitchen drain, which drains water from the kitchen sink as well as dirty water from the dishwasher. There is also the bathroom drain, which takes away dirty water from the toilet, bathroom floor, bathtub and sink. Another type of drain connects the washing machine to the main drainage system of the house. All these drains are connected to the main sewer line, which drains dirty water into the septic tank or the city’s sewer system. Any of these drains can get clogged and force water to get backed up and overflow inside the house. When this happens, you will not be able to shower, wash clothes or dishes, or even use the toilet.

Water Leaks

Drain pipes and water supply pipes inside the house can start leaking due to a loose joint, corrosion or damage caused by an earthquake. This will increase your water bill and potentially cause water damage in the house. Town Country Services can plug any type of leak, whether it’s visible or under the slab.

Faulty Fixtures

If the shower head, faucet, valve or sink in the house is damaged, you can call Town Country Services to either replace the fixture or offer effective plumbing repair service Spring Valley IL.