Proper Maintenance can Help to Reduce the Need for Septic System Repairs

Homes in many areas are not connected to a municipal sewerage system and are dependent on the working of a septic tank to treat their sewage and waste water. These are quite often individual units set up as per the requirements of each home, and it becomes the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure that the septic tank is functioning at its required efficiency.

Efficient functioning becomes possible if efforts are made to see that the tank is cleared of sludge at regular intervals and the level of sludge never allowed to come up to the level where the inflow is prevented. It is also necessary to see that the leach pits or other arrangements made to take up the treated effluent are also in the right condition. Neglect of these aspects can lead to problems that may necessitate costly septic system repairs.

Maintaining the system becomes easier if care is taken to see that the inflow into the septic system is controlled to some extent. Care must be taken to see that too much of oil and grease does not find its way into the system as this can lead to its digestive functions being affected. All items flushed into the system must be biodegradable as otherwise these can cause the system to get clogged. Garbage disposal units must also not be overloaded. Excess water from roof drains must not be allowed to get into a drainage system.

Septic system repairs can also become necessary if trees are planted very close to the tank, and roots find their way into it and damage the side walls. Drain fields of the system also need to be constantly kept free of plant and shrubs. A regular inspection of the septic tank and all its associated parts can help to avoid the need for repairs in the long run.

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