Save Energy During The Spring And Summer

saving money on electric billIllinois weather is fickle. One minute you’re wrapped up in a parka and the next you’re decked out in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian T-shirt. It won’t be long before you’re trading the furnace for the central air, but you’ll be surprised how much of your cooling energy is wasted because of poor energy management. There are many way to save energy in your home and save yourself money over the scorching summer months.

Don’t Use the AC

One of the best ways to save money over the spring and summer is to not use the central air or window air conditioner at all. Instead, open some windows and let Mother Nature cool your home. If you open windows on opposite ends of your home, then you can get a cross wind running through the whole house. The AC is a major factor for energy bills, especially if it’s an older model. Modern central air units and window units are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Despite this, you’ll always save the most money by not using it.

Keep The Thermostat Up

We know that once temperatures start to climb it’s easy to lower the thermostat until frost forms on the windows. When it’s hot, we want the inside to be cold…not cool…cold. It’s so hot outside that people want a major change on the inside. While that’s refreshing, it doesn’t do much to save energy. Instead, keep it at a higher temperature and lessen the wear and tear on your AC unit. If the outside is 90 and the inside is 70, why not bump it up to 75. You’ll still be comfortable, and you’ll lower your electric bill. You don’t have to make it crazy, but remember the less work your central air unit has to do, the less electricity it’s going to cost you.

Keep Your AC Running At Peak Performance

Do you ever notice as your car gets older it doesn’t run quite the same? The gas mileage drops. Unless you spend the time and effort to keep it in good shape, your car is going to go downhill. It’s the same with your central air unit. Regular maintenance can keep it running at top speed, but without it, you’ll notice it working harder than it needs to. It becomes less efficient and that translates to a higher electric bill.

Save some money on your electric bill this year by making sure your central air system runs at peak performance. Schedule an AC maintenance check today.