The Curse of Cold Water from the Hot Tap

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Hot water really keeps most of you in the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. It is so easy to take for granted the fact that you can hop into a shower, turn the tap, and be refreshed by the heated water that falls freely. What would happen if there was no hot water? Surely your life would be somewhat more miserable? There are instances where you do have a water heater in place, but it is not effective at maintaining the heated water for extended periods. This, of course, will depend on whether you have a water tank installed, or are making use of the more modern, tankless water heater system.

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Water Tanks – Heated Water, Not Quite on Tap

Water tanks are the most common water supply systems at present, because they were the only water heater tank systems available for such a long period of time. The system has worked effectively for years, however, the hot water is not quite supply on demand. There is a tendency for hot water to run out, as the heater needs to heat an entire tank of water each time you turn the tap, expecting the heat. Energy-efficiency is definitely not something achieved by this type of system.

The water heater system can be prone to distributing water that is not quite clean, this is due to rust buildup that can take place within the tank itself. Water, sitting in a steel tank, will always result in tarnishing, and degradation in the form of rust. This rust flakes off, and is carried to you through the flow of water into your home. Drinking water is also affected by this, and turns it into a not so healthy drink.

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Tankless Water Heaters – The Modern, Energy-Efficient Approach

As with everything, water heaters too have gone through developments, and changes. Innovative ideas have allowed the creation of tankless water heaters to take place. This modern day technology, offer energy-efficiency that can’t be matched by any tank system. If you’re finding your utility bill is growing in size, it is time to consider changing.

Tankless water heaters are much more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, a small box-like unit replaces the eyesore that was once the source for your water, the tank. Hot water is now consistent and on demand. The water is heated directly from the main water lines, and heated as you need it. Energy-efficiency is increased as there is no longer a full tank of water that needs to be heated, using your electricity in massive proportions.

Tankless water heaters benefit you in another way as well. They are more long-lasting by a few years, than their tank type counterparts, meaning you will not have to replace the system as quickly as you would the tank type.

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