It’s Time Again For A Residential AC Checkup

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You’ve dealt with winter for months and dutifully replaced your furnace filter to make sure everything ran smoothly even on the coldest nights. As spring quickly approaches, the steamy heat of summer isn’t far behind. Your air conditioning is just as important as your furnace, so get it checked up now and avoid problems during the summer.

People Often Forget About AC Checkups

Due to the extreme temperatures of winter and the potential health implications of having your furnace go out, people are more attentive to their furnaces. They’ll get a checkup, replace filters and more to make sure it keeps running, but forget about the AC. If it’s uncovered outside during the winter, then who knows what problems may arise come summer, especially if it’s older.

Since summer heat doesn’t seem quite as deadly as the sub-zero temperatures of summer, many people choose to forego checkups, but that could mean major problems during the hottest days of the year. Heat sensitivity, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are all medical conditions connected to high temperatures.

Why You Don’t Want Summer Air Conditioner Problems

When the summer heat rises, your AC works extra hard to keep the house cool. If you haven’t had it maintained, then it can lead to either not cooling your house well or a full shutdown. Once the AC turns off, it won’t be long before the house turns into an oven. Imagine a 100 degree day and you leave work early in the morning. There’s no windows open and the shades are drawn because the AC is cooling the house, but what happens if it breaks down 15 minutes after you leave? You come home to a sweltering house and that’s dangerous if you have any pets.

If you need a new AC unit, then it could be a heavy cost. It’s a cost that could have been avoided if you’d only had it properly maintained with a yearly checkup. We could have found any problems early and instead of an entire new unit, you may have just needed to replace a single part.

What You Get with an AC Maintenance Checkup

Our certified technicians will come to your home and make sure your home cooling system is in tip top shape. Our inspections are designed to find any problems before they become major issues and prepare your coming unit for the upcoming summer.

  • Check for leaks and replace fluid if needed because leaks can lead to a compressor burnout.
  • AC units have filters just like furnaces that need to be changed out. Dirty filters reduce airflow and decrease your unit’s efficiency.
  • If your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, then your AC could be working too hard ot not enough. It may say 72, but could be 69 or 75 if not calibrated correctly.
  • Our technicians will give your unit a complete once over and if we find an issue, we’ll let you know. We’ll clan the unit and make sure the evaporator and condenser are ready for the summer.

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