Town & Country: 99 Years of Spectacular Service and Counting

Town & Country Celebrating 99 YearsTown & Country Services is celebrating 99 years of being one of the area’s top heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing contractors to the Illinois Valley. We had humble beginning as a hardware store/ service company in 1919 and grown into one of the most well respected contractors in northern Illinois.

A Family Business

We believe in the strength of family not only within our own business, but also in the community. Our customers are like family, and we don’t want to disappoint our family. That’s why when we get a call for a central air checkup or electrical work, we make sure the job is done correctly the first time. You’re depending on us, and we won’t let you down.

We’re still going strong after nearly a century with five generations of family members having worked or currently working at Town & Country. It’s not just a business. It’s our heritage and legacy.

Times Have Changed

When we first began, heating and cooling systems used coal and oil to heat homes. Central air wasn’t even a concept yet, but those days are gone. They’ve been replaced with the most energy efficient furnaces and central air units. They use electricity and natural gas or even geothermal energies from the Earth to keep homes warm during the frigid winter and cool during the sweltering summers.

We’ve been there through it all. Society and technology have changed, but our work ethic and commitment to excellence have stayed the same decade after decade. When you see a Town & Country Service truck coming down the road, you know someone’s in trouble and the cavalry’s coming.

We’re Just Getting Started

Our business may be almost a century old, but Town & Country is just getting started. Our technicians are constantly looking to increase their education and we routinely visit conferences and training sessions to learn the latest in heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical services.

With 99 years of experience and the most educated and professional technicians, Town & Country Services has set themselves apart from other companies. If you think we’re this great after 99 years, wait until we finish our centennial celebration. We’ll knock your socks off.