Town and Country Services: The Heating Repair Mendota IL Has Trusted Since 1919

When Jack Frost comes knocking on your door, turn to Town and Country Services, the heating repair Mendota IL has trusted to keep it cozy all winter long. Since 1919, we have proudly served Mendota and the surround areas, putting families and comfort first. We have taken those old school values and combined them with years of experience to bring you continued quality, lasting legacy and prices that you can afford.

Free Estimates and No Surprises

We understand that unexpected expenses can really stress you out and leave you worried about holiday gift shopping. We have families as well and we know that every cent helps. This is why we are happy to offer free estimates to give you a good idea of what you are looking at and what you can expect.

24/7 Care All Year Long

Our phone is manned 24/7 because we never want you to go without heat. Here in Illinois, it can be really difficult to go through even one night without your furnace or heater. Because temperatures can drop dangerously low here in the north, we always want you to be safe. Do not hesitate to wake us for an emergency.

Apply for Financing Online

We offer financing options to help make getting the services that you need easier and faster. The process is super simple and you can apply directly on our site. If you have any questions, we hope that you will feel free to reach out. We are always eager to take your call.

When your heater goes out, don’t let your good day go out with it. Instead, call Town and Country Services, your one stop shop for all things comfort. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and quickly restore the warmth, comfort and joy to your humble abode.