Trust Your Illinois Valley Furnace Installation To The Experts

Furnace installation service Ottawa, ILYou’re sitting at home watching the latest episode of The Voice when it happens. Perhaps you hear a sudden thunk and smell smoke or you just notice the house keeps getting colder and colder, then you need a new furnace. Town & Country Services specializes in Illinois Valley furnace installation to make sure you’re warm and toasty during the winter.

24-hour Emergency Service

During the bitter cold of winter, a few short hours without heat can cause the temperature in your home to decrease dramatically. When the temperatures fall too far, it’s not only a risk of freezing pipes, but the safety and well-being of your family.

Whether it’s 1 a.m. or 1 p.m., Town and Country Services is there for you in any heating emergency. You don’t have time to wait days for a heating company to find the time to visit your home. Town & Country has 24-hour emergency service available for you.

Certified Technicians to Make Sure It’s Done Right

If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a new furnace system, you want to make sure it’s installed correctly. Town & Country technicians are licensed and certified to make sure they’re doing everything right, the first time.

The last thing you want to do is call the heating company back because your new furnace isn’t working right. It’s a headache and a hassle that you don’t need, but that’s what could happen if you choose a heating company without certified and licensed professionals.

Selection to Fit Your Budget and Needs

We want to make sure you have the furnace installation you need and is within your budget. If you have a small house and don’t need a massive furnace, then we’re not going to try and sell you one. We have a wide selection of furnaces to choose from. No matter if you’re a small one-bedroom home or a massive 4-bedroom house, you’ll find the perfect furnace for your heating needs.

If you need professional furnace installation in the Illinois Valley, then contact the area’s leading installer, Town & Country Services.