Why Do I Need A Generac Generator?

Your power went out and as you sat in the darkness, basking in the warmth and glow of a candle, you say “Man, I wish I had a Generac Generator.” The house next door has the telltale sound of a generator and they’ve got lights and even heat. No candle for them.

People don’t usually think about a generator until they need a generator. It’s those powerful moments during a storm or the day after when the power still isn’t on that they wish they invested in one. There are many reasons why you need one and Generac is the best available.

Generac Generators Provide Peace of Mind

When there’s a storm and the lights flicker, do you get nervous? Does your mind race to remember where the lights and candles are? We tend to take for granted the importance of electrical power until it’s not there.

With a backup generator, you never have to worry or afraid again. As soon as the power goes out, it kicks in and your home has electricity. It’s not just your peace of mind either. It’s about your children and even your pets that you want to keep safe.

Children can become very frightened during a power outage, especially if there is a storm crashing and booming outside. You can provide normalcy with a generator and that’s important to everyone.

It Could Save Your Life

Winter is a difficult time in the Illinois Valley. One day it can be sunny and fifty degrees and the next day 10 degrees and 12 inches of snow. When ice storms and blizzards hit, hundreds if not thousands of people can go without power during the coldest temperatures.

People in cities and towns can visit warming centers or friends and family, but what about people in rural areas? When your 10 miles from the nearest neighbor and the roads are covered in snow and ice, a generator could save your life.

It could be days before the power is back on and a generator can keep your heat on until everything is back to normal. It’s not just rural areas either. Sometimes it can take days for the power to be restored even in towns and cities. Let a generator keep you warm and safe even during the harshest weather.

Be the Rock of Your Neighborhood

Once the storm is over and you know it will be hours before the power is back, your home can be the supportive rock of the neighborhood. If you connect a few outdoor lights to the generator then everyone can bring their grills and food for a neighborhood cookout.

Let everyone bring their kids over to play under the safety of light and supervision. When the world is in darkness, people seek out the light and that could be your home during a power outage. Friends and relatives may come over for safety and shelter. You control the extent of your generosity.

A generator can be a lifeline during desperate times whether it’s an evening thunderstorm or a multi-day blizzard.

Keep Your Business Running

We’ve focused a lot on residential use of generators, but businesses need to run when the power goes out too. Whether it’s making sure equipment keeps working to fill orders or make sure your servers and computer equipment don’t experience a sudden loss of power.

The last thing a business wants is to close and send home employees because the power went out. You can keep your business running and your employees engaged by using a Generac Generator.

Don’t Forget About Yearly Maintenance

The generator may not get used much throughout the years. When they are needed, you want them to work. A generator needs yearly maintenance and cleaning by certified Generac Generator technicians. Town & Country Services are local certified electricians that can repair and provide maintenance for Generac Generators.

Don’t skimp on the yearly maintenance. Schedule it around the same time you get your furnace or AC maintenance.

Get Your Generator Today

No matter the time of year, you can get a Generac Generator and bring peace of mind to your home or business. We’ll help you find the perfect generator to fit your needs. If you have questions or want to learn more about Generac, then feel free to contact us. CALL NOW: 1-815-220-5107