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Residential AC Maintenance Service in North Central Illinois Area

Once an air conditioner has been properly installed, regular servicing is needed to ensure optimal performance of the system. In addition to duct cleaning, fan and blower blades must also be cleaned. All moving or rotating parts also need to be lubricated to reduce friction. If there are worn out parts, replacement should be done. Every couple of months, the air filter in your AC should be replaced, or at least cleaned and refitted. These measures will help to improve indoor air quality, eliminate unusual noises emanating from the AC, increase the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system and extend the lifespan of the AC unit. Our technicians are well-trained, experienced and certified to handle any type of residential air conditioning service. Call Town & Country Services today for the most reliable AC service.

Benefits of Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Cost Savings

Hiring a professional to stop by for routine maintenance can save you lots of money in the long run. For example, having your filters changed will cut down on your monthly electricity bill. Clean air filters maximize your systems flow of air improving the operational efficiency of your unit.

Extended Equipment Life

Proper maintenance of your AC has been proven to double the lifespan of your system. Overall maintenance is also crucial as your AC loses about five percent of its efficiency ever year it goes without proper professional maintenance. It goes without saying that a well-maintained system will also give you peace of mind.

Fewer Costly Repairs

Preventative residential AC maintenance leads to fewer costly repairs. If your AC fails in the middle of summer due to an undetected problem, you will have to incur the high costs of emergency repair services. Have your unit inspected for damage during routine maintenance so that damage can be detected early enough before things get to a critical level.

Part of the process towards having a well maintained AC is choosing the right maintenance contractor. You need to hire a company with a great reputation and experience in servicing a wide range of different systems. Choose an experienced contractor with highly trained competent professionals. Town & Country is a family owned business that has been in the industry since 1919 and strives to provide professional services to each customer. Each and every client is treated with the highest regard and services offered according to their unique requirements.

Annual Comfort Club Membership

Yearly Maintenance on your heating and air conditioning units.

How does an Air Conditioner work?

The majority of home and smaller commercial air conditioning systems circulate a compressed gas refrigerant in a closed "split" system to cool and condition inside air. The refrigerant has to be re-cooled and condensed, and outside air is the medium most often used to accomplish this. The term "split" simply means that components are divided into inside and outside portions as opposed to being located together in a "package" unit.

The refrigerants, widely recognized by the trademark "freon" (which is a registered trademark of the DuPont company for refrigerants), helps cool and dehumidify the inside air. In a "forced air" system, an internal blower circulates the conditioned air through ducts to the rooms where the cooler air is needed. The air ducts generally run either below the ceiling and inside the rooms (conditioned air) or in the attic (unconditioned air). An outside fan pulls air across the external parts of the system to cool and condense the refrigerant.