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Residential AC Repair in North Central Illinois Area

When you need impeccable Residential AC Repair service in the Illinois Valley area, we are your neighborhood repair service who has been helping families just like you since 1919 to stay cool, comfortable and safe in even the most unforgiving of heat waves. No one wants to waste time worrying over their HVAC. That is why no matter what your problem is, Town Country Services wants to help you correct it so you can get back to worrying about the things that truly matter... like what toppings to have on your pizza this evening or what TV series to binge watch on Friday night.

24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week

We are fully aware that when your air conditioning goes out... it never looks at your busy schedule or the clock. Life never happens when it is convenient or even when you are wide awake for that matter. These little HVAC mishaps normally happen after hours in the wee morning. We never want you to lose any sleep over your air conditioning issue. You can call us 24/7 and someone will be there to take your call and get you set up for a timely, emergent repair as soon as possible.

We hope your HVAC is always going strong... but if it happens to start acting up - we will be there for you day or night. Whether you are in need of day time service or after hours care, at Town Country Services, our residential AC repair is on call all year long so that we can serve you the way you deserve to be - with urgency and quality. Whenever you need a repair company, we hope you will turn to us and let us get your home back to being the comfortable haven that it should be.

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When my air conditioner cycles on, I notice my lights blink. Is this normal?

Yes. This is a common occurrence when large motor/compressor loads start. These devices cause a minor momentary voltage drop, demonstrating itself as the blinking in your lights. This has no negative effect on the electrical equipment within your house.

Why is my air conditioner not cooling?

When the temperatures in the Illinois Valley get high, people turn on their air conditioners to help make their lives more comfortable. When the AC breaks, it can be a major inconvenience and, during extreme temperatures, dangerous.

  • Take a look at the thermostat and make sure the temperature is set below the current room temperature. The switch should also be either on the cool, heat or auto position with the fan set to on for continuous flow or auto to operate only when the air conditioner is on.
  • See if the AC kicks on when the thermostat is on the lowest setting.
  • Check to make sure nothing is covering the vents and examine the air filter to make sure it's not dirty. A dirty filter can impede the flow of air.
  • Check that the unit how power both inside and outside the home.
  • Check the fuse/ breaker at the electrical panel to make sure the breaker isn't tripped.
  • If you still can't get it to work, then call Town & Country Services and we'll get it up and running.