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Indoor Air Quality in North Central Illinois Area

Town and Country provides professional service to your Generac Home Standby Generators. They are the largest dealer to central IL and surrounding communities like LaSalle, Ottawa, Spring Valley, Streator and beyond. Our factory trained technicians carry both in warranty and out of warranty Generac parts on the truck for a speedy repair of your generator. Also for your convenience, maintenance plans are available to keep your generator in tip top shape. Join our Generator Yearly Maintenance program to receive scheduled service and priority customer status. Don't wait until emergencies strike, call us today!

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Air Quality Services in North Central Illinois

Town & Country Services Air Quality Experts Are Ready 24/7!

Air Quality Experts serving from LaSalle/Peru to Princeton, Mendota, Ottawa, Streator, and all around!

There are many things that can affect the air you breathe....and many ways that Town & Country Services can help you make it better!
You will likely not see the dust, pollutants and allergens that circulate around the room, but many of you can feel the effects of them.
Whether you are an allergy sufferer, or just interested in filtering out unwanted particles to better your health, Town & Country Services can provide a solution that meets your needs!

Residential Indoor Air Quality Services

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Robert Hall
5 months ago
George was excellent from start to finish. Explained everything in detail and let us know what was going on each step of the way. Very...
Keith Zehr
4 months ago
The receptionist was very polite and took care of things with a sense of urgency. The gentleman that showed up were very professional, polite, and...
Reyne Tinder
4 months ago
We are extremely pleased with Town and Country Services. The office staff are extremely professional and pleasant. They will work with you for convenient times...

Air Quality Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

UV light can be harmful just as the sun's UV light can be when someone is exposed for too long a time. One should neither look at or touch a UV light bulb while it is on for any length of time. Fortunately, when the UV light system is installed in your HVAC system, there is no direct or harmful exposure to you or your family. Remember to power off your purifier before replacing the lamps and do not look directly at a lamp that is powered on.

Depending upon the style/brand of UV light purchased, ozone may or may not be part of the light's operation/function. Should you have concerns, consult one of our factory trained technicians.

EPA: According to two studies, operating UV lamps installed in HVAC systems to irradiate the surfaces of air-handling units does not result in increased concentrations of ozone.

Your UV Air Purifier requires little maintenance. Simply replace the bulb once per year, or once every two years depending on the model.

Both products are effective at removing harmful elements from the air, but UV Air Purifiers focus on removing airborne germs, bacteria and mold while filtration focuses on removing harmful particulates that become airborne.

An anti-fungus filter is used - this catches allergy-causing mites, smoke particles and odors, making the air in your environment clean and fresh.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.

We spend most of our time indoors, so breathing healthy air where we live, work and play is critical. Indoor air pollution has the same negative effects as environmental pollution.

Ask us how to identify and restore the indoor air quality in your home or office.

Our air quality specialists can come to your home or office in the following areas:

Bradford, IL 61421
Earlville, IL 60518
Grand Ridge, IL 61325
Granville, IL 61326
Hennepin, IL 61327
La Moille, IL 61330
Ladd, IL 61329
LaSalle, IL 61301
Lostant, IL 61334
Malden, IL 61337
Marseilles, IL 61341
Mendota, IL 61342
Oglesby, IL 61348
Ottawa, IL 61350
Peru, IL 61354
Princeton, IL 61356
Seatonville, IL 61359
Sheffield, IL 61361
Sheridan, IL 60551
Spring Valley, IL 61362
Streator, IL 61364
Tiskilwa, IL 61368
Tonica, IL 61370
Utica, IL 61373
Wenona, IL 61377
Wyanet, IL 61379

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