Fireplaces Service in North Central Illinois Area

A fireplace creates subtle warmth to your home and adds to the beauty of whatever room it’s in. It’s important that new fireplaces and other hearth appliances are installed properly not only to make sure it works, but also to make sure it’s safe for use.

Installing Your Fireplace

Every brand of fireplace and stove has its own rules of installation and it must be followed to the letter. Town and Country Services’ professionally trained technicians make sure everything is done to the manufacturer’s specifications. Once the installation is complete, we run tests to make sure the unit works correctly and many times this is a requirement to maintain the factory warranty.

Most gas hearth appliances require a pilot light and our technicians make sure the gas drives and pilot assemblies are clean. We make sure the loops are in the correct position, glass is cleaned and embers are in-place and vacuumed.

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Service and Maintenance

No matter what type of hearth appliance you have, our technicians can provide service once problems or malfunctions arise. Given the electrical or gas nature of many hearth appliances it’s imperative that malfunctions and problems be handled quickly to avoid possibly hazardous situations.

Catch problems before they happen with annual or semi-annual maintenance by Town and Country Services. We’ll give your fireplace and hearth appliance an expert cleaning to make sure it runs smoothly for the coming months and identify any potential issues.