whole house dehumidifier

Whole House Humidifier

The health benefits of having proper humidity levels in your home are numerous. Town & Country can install a whole house humidifier to improve the quality of health for your whole family.

Why use a furnace humidifier?

There are many benefits to using a furnace humidifier to control the humidity to your whole home. Proper humidity helps in preventing and easing many common health issues and can also help you keep your home warm and well maintained.

Having a whole house humidifier makes your house a more comfortable place to be in the winter. Not only does it help with dry skin and irritated nasal passages, it can also extend the life of your wood furniture, and make it easier to turn down your thermostat a couple degrees- saving you money! Our experienced technicians can tell you more about how YOU can benefit from a Town & Country installed whole house humidifier.

Moisturize & Protect

Air that is too dry leaves skin feeling tight, dry, and itchy and can lead to dry or scratchy vocal cords. Did you know that dry air can contribute to snoring by causing nose congestion?

Feel Better

Do you get sinus pressure, headaches, or blood noses from dry air? A humidifier can ease these symptoms as well as cold or flu symptoms such as breathing difficulties and stuffy noses.

Healthy Climate Humidifier

Stay Healthy

Proper levels of humidity can slow or prevent the spread of flu germs. Humidifiers also help the cilium in your nose do their job trapping pollutants.

Improve Your Home

Moist air feels warmer and can help you feel comfortable in the winter. Keeping consistent levels of humidity is also great for house plants and your wood furnishings as it keeps them supple and moisturized.