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Home Standby Generator Maintenance

While the generator stands ready for the next outage, it's important that it is checked and maintained regularly. The certified technicians at Town & Country Service visit your home and examine all the components and provide service including cleaning and replacement of air and oil filters. You made an investment and you want it to work when an emergency happens.

How Often Do I Need to Maintenance My Generator?

Town & Country Services is proud to offer a yearly maintenance program for your generator. This program ensures your generator is in top-working order all year round, so it's ready for the unexpected.

During our maintenance visits, we'll perform a factory recommended tune-up and maintenance, and test the working components to assure your generator is ready when you need it most. Your generator gets a check-up, you get a Peace of Mind!

Ask about the Generac Mobile Link Fleet connection and your generator will be monitored 24/7 for extra protection. We get notified immediately of any issues or failures, to make sure your generator is ALWAYS ready!

Electrical Team - Town and Country

Power Goes Out: Generator Comes On

If your power goes out, your Generac Home Standby Generator automatically comes on - It's that simple.

How Does a Home Standby Generator Work?

The generator monitors the flow of electricity into the house and when it's interrupted, the generator automatically starts and begins controlling the power to the home. People can choose to have the generator only handle emergency circuits or the entire electrical load.

Once the power is back on, the generator switches back to the main power and shuts down until the power goes out again

Recent Generator Maintenance In the IL Valley