Water Treatments

Water Treatments

Your water quality affects your entire family's well being and way of life. Town and Country provides professional water treatment services in central IL and surrounding communities like LaSalle, Ottawa, Spring Valley, Streator and beyond.

Protect Your Family With Safe Water

Water is part of every aspect of your life. You and your family come in contact it with it every day. Is your water safe to drink? What other water problems might be lurking invisibly? Take control of the health and wellness of your family by having your water quality tested and contacting Town & Country Services for help improving the quality of water throughout your entire home.

Shower Quality

Your body can absorb a lot through osmosis. Make sure the water you're using to bathe is healthy for you. Having problems with unhealthy hair or trouble styling? Hard water can play a role in your hair health.

Drinking Water

Stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on bottled water. Make all the water in your home safe and delicious to drink and start saving money today.

Save Your Laundry

Hard water and other water quality issues play a large role in the effectiveness of your laundry routine and the lifetime of your clothing. Water quality problems can also contribute to premature wear and tear or other damage to your washer. This goes for other appliances like your dishwasher as well.