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Residential AC Replacement in North Central Illinois Area

You just bought the historic home of your dreams and it is everything you hoped it would be... well, almost. The woodwork over the mantle is original, untouched and pristine. The landscaping features all your favorite flowers and the spiral stairwell is a dream come true. However, hiding just behind that Victorian porch with the original paintwork and all that old world charm was an air system that was not charming at all... just old. Hi... we are Town Country Services and we are the Residential AC Replacement company that makes the old new again by getting rid of tired old systems and installing new, powerful units that keep your home cool and your power bills down.

5 Questions to Ask If You Wonder Whether or Not to Replace Your AC System

There are five main questions that need to be considered when deciding to either replace or repair your heating and cooling system:

  1. How old is your system?

    If your system is more than ten years old, it may be wiser to invest in new, higher efficiency equipment, which could cut your energy costs by up to 40%.

  2. What is the efficiency level of your current system?

  3. What was the efficiency when the system was new?

    Unfortunately, replacing parts of your old system will not improve the efficiency. If the energy savings of using a higher efficiency system will cover all or part of the cost of investing in new equipment, you should seriously consider replacement of the old system.

  4. What is the overall condition of your system?

    If your system is in solid condition, it could be wiser to simply repair it. But if your system breaks down often, you should consider replacing it. Consider the 50% Rule.

  5. The 50% Rule

    If the cost of repair vs. replacement of your system is less than half of its value and you haven't been suffering the financial burden of frequent service calls to keep your system up and running, repair may be easier on your checkbook . Ask your technician to calculate the efficiency and energy usage of your system to help make a determination.

Why Coose Us?

Simple. You are a historian at heart if you appreciate older homes. We fancy ourselves a bit of a historian too. Since 1916, we have served families just like yours, helping to keep them cool, comfortable and happy season after season... year after year.. We specialize in assuring that your HVAC is not only installed properly but also that you always get service with a smile no matter what time of day it might be.

We understand that sometimes you need that service at 3 in the morning. No problem -if you ever need us once your HVAC is in place, all you have to do is give us a call day or night and one of our friendly office staff will pick up the phone 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Dedicated to providing you with the Residential AC Replacement service you deserve and the quality you need, we will make all the difference in making your older house a home. We look forward to getting to know you and providing you with everything you need. Congratulation on your new home!

What is the average life of an AC system?

Most systems have a lifetime of 10 to 15 years, with gas furnaces lasting 20-25 years. As your equipment gets older, its efficiency can decrease dramatically. You may notice that it gets noisier and needs repairs more often. If you live near bodies of water or the ocean, your system's life expectancy may be drastically shortened due to the harsh environment. If your system is over 10 years old, you should have your system checked for maintenance or replacement