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Residential Heating Repair

When you own a home, you need a reliable residential heating repair contractor you can trust. Finding the right person to service and repair your heating system will determine the efficiency with which your systems will operate. There are several factors to consider when searching for a contractor.

What to Check When Your Furnace Stops Working

Furnace Filters

Dirty furnace filters are a common cause of restricted air flow. If your heat isn't blowing as hard as normal, it might be time to change your filter.

Power Switch

Check the basic power switch on your furnace to make sure it's in the on position. These switches often look like a light switch near the furnace. Also, check your circuit breaker or fuse.


Batteries and other thermostat problems can cause issues with your furnace. Try setting it to 5 degrees above room temperature and see if it turns on.

Air Ducts

If your furnace is running but you're getting cold spots, check to make sure the air duct dampers aren't closed. If the entire room is cold with the vent open, you may have leaking or blocked ducts.

North American Technician Excellence - NATE Certified

We Are NATE Certified HVAC Technicians

North American Technician Excellence is the largest non-profit certification group in the nation and has been certifying technicians with proven skills and knowledge since 1997.

How to Choose a Furnace Repair Company

  • Reputation

    A company's reputation will tell a lot about the quality of services you can expect. Choose a company that has been in the industry for a while and has been able to maintain a solid reputation for offering excellent services. Town & Country Services is a family owned business that has been in the industry for almost a century, providing top of the range services to a vast loyal customer base.

  • Availability

    Your heating appliance may fail at any time. If your heater fails in the middle of the night or just when you get home from work it's crucial to have a residential heating repair company you can count on to offer emergency service. Choose a company that has a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to offer their services as and when needed. Town & Country Services takes pride in a dedicated workforce that is always available to provide expert services and help 24/7.

  • Credentials

    All contractors have their differences. Be sure to check out factors such as cost, efficiency, customer service and overall workmanship. But one of the most crucial factors to consider is the contractor's competence and ethics. You want to hire a team of professionals who understand the job at hand. Today's heating devices are more complicated so you have to ensure the people who will be working on your system have the right credentials. With the dynamic nature of heating and cooling systems, choose a company that maintains employee competence by investing in initial as well as ongoing training of staff.