A Bright Idea: Outdoor Home Lighting

Outdoor Home Lighting on a house.

Life has a way of making its own schedule. You may have planned on being home before dark, but then there was a work emergency or you went out with friends. You arrive home and the outside is completely dark. You know the odds of a person hiding in the dark are small, but you…

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Save Money This Summer With These Cooling Tips

Save money on electricity with these summer tips

It won’t be long before summer is here and that means blessed air conditioning. Is there anything better than coming in from the high heat of outside into the cool caress of central air? If only we didn’t get hit with high electric bills. There are ways to cool your home and reduce your electric…

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Prepare Your AC For Summer’s Hot Temperatures

man sweating in front of fan

Soon, the scorching summer sun will bring temperatures in the 90s and higher. Outside the only respite is the shade of a good tree, but inside your home it will be a comfortable and soothing cooler temperature. If you haven’t had your air conditioning looked at in a while, then your cool house can become…

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Is Your Sump Pump Ready For Spring Rains?

Water in your basement? Check your sump pump.

It’s not even April and the Illinois Valley has already had its share of rain and melting snow. How did your basement fare? Was it dry as a bone or were you ankle deep in water, trying to fish out Christmas ornaments and cardboard boxes from the moat that was your basement? Water in the…

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